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If you have become chronically ill or injured and are no longer able to work you need to contact us. Our experienced attorneys at Chronister, Fields & Flake will be able to help evaluate your social security or SSI case free of charge. Our expert staff can help you file your initial claim for social security benefits or we will help you appeal a denial you have recently received. There are decisions that need to be made along the way in a Social Security case that can have a direct impact on you winning or losing your case. These decisions should be made with the help of our Attorneys at Chronister, Fields & Flake. Call today and put our 122 years of experience to work for you.

  • We only get paid if we win your case;
  • We file initial Social Security or SSI benefit claims;
  • We file appeals for people who have had their Social Security or SSI claims denied;
  • We appeal denial of original claims;
  • We appeal denials of requests for reconsideration.

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