Domestic Relations

A whole host of cases fall under this general umbrella of "family law". At Chronister, Fields, and Flake, family law makes up a significant part of our practice. With over 120 years' experience, we have seen, navigated, walked our clients through, mediated, and tried innumerable cases affecting our client's respective families. Some-but certainly not all of the "family law" cases we handle include

  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Contested Divorce
  • Retirement Division after Divorce
  • Annulment
  • Property Division Agreements
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support Modification
  • Spousal Support Modification
  • Spousal Support Termination
  • Visitation Modification
  • Paternity Rights Cases
  • Adoption
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Adoption of an Adult
  • OHS cases
  • Juvenile Delinquent Cases
  • Family in Need of Services (FINS)
  • Juvenile Cases
  • Grandparents' Rights
  • Guardianship of a minor
  • Guardianship of an adult
  • Actions arising out of Protective Orders
  • Emergency actions
  • Temporary Actions

Every family is different. Every family dynamic is different. And the obstacles facing each family can be vastly different. Arkansas law provides specifics on how issues from each of these cases are to be determined. In fact, these "family law" cases are divided into three separate divisions of the Arkansas Court system! Issues with your family are indescribably hard. There are often many emotions driving your decision making-from hurt to anger to sadness. Often individuals are completely devastated when faced with divorce, change of custody, grandparents' rights, or any other type of "family law" issue. And that's ok These cases are often life altering. Unlike a car accident case where you most likely would not know the person who hit your car, in family law cases you do know the other parties in the case-often intimately-and will have to continue to have interactions with them for many years to come. For example, if you are faced with the possibility of divorce and have young children, the issues of child custody, support, visitation exchanges, and decisions about childrearing will be part of the picture for a long time. At Chronister, Fields, & Flake, we are able to take what the law says and look at your case through an objective lens. We can assess your case and recommend a course of action that is best for you based on your concerns and the rights and responsibilities the law provides.

When an issue arises with legal ramifications for your family, it is vitally important for you to talk to an attorney at Chronister, Fields, & Flake. Time is often of the essence, especially when the safety of a child or loved one is at stake! Certain situations may necessitate the entry of an Emergency Order immediately changing custody for a child or providing guardianship. Contact us today if you believe such emergency action is necessary for you. Another instance where time is of the essence is in a divorce. You may be filled with thoughts and questions about what to do with insurance, joint credit cards, mortgage payments, savings accounts, phone payments, or even changing locks on the house. It is important for you to talk to an attorney at Chronister, Fields, & Flake today so we can advise you on the best course of action for you. Contact us today for your free consultation. Whether you are contemplating divorce, have been served with divorce papers, believe a change of custody is in the best interests of your child, or have any concerns about the law and its effect on your family, contact us today.

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